SYRIZA leader: Seeing Israel killing children in Palestine is unacceptable

The world should make every possible effort so that Israel ends its criminal attack, SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said on Thursday evening in his doorstep statements on arrival at the summer festival of the Italian party “Left, Ecology, Freedom” in Rome.

“Seeing Israel killing children in Palestine is unacceptable. We should unite our voices and forces so as to live in peace, expressing our solidarity to the Palestinian people,” Tsipras told reporters.

Responding to an ANA-MPA question on the Italian left, Tsipras noted:

“Left, Ecology and Freedom party and the other forces of the Italian left achieved a particularly significant result in the Euroelections…I believe the Italian left that has a tradition in social struggles has a lot to offer.”

SYRIZA leader stressed that "Italy is a crucial country for the course of events in Europe" and that "what we all need to realize is that a broad coalition of the people - especially the Europeriphery - is needed so as to change the current, hopeless course of Europe."

Source: AMNA

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